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Quality Inspection post Wave

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Quality Inspection post Wave | 18 July, 2005

Aside from a visual first article to IPC 610, what inspection criteria do people put in place post wave solder (pre clean)?

Thank you

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Jason Fullerton


Quality Inspection post Wave | 29 July, 2005

If you are 100% inspecting, then all assemblies should be inspected to IPC-A-610 not just the first one. It sure would be nice if assemblies # 2 - 1000 were exactly the same as the first article, but they aren't.

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Quality Inspection post Wave | 1 August, 2005

Solder defects, and polarities after component changes.

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Quality Inspection post Wave | 4 August, 2005

You haven't mentioned whether you are producting only through hole product or if it is mixed technology. What kind of flux (no clean, H2O clean) you are using and whether you performed a first article at part stuffing prior to wave. Generally, you are looking for missing parts, good fillets, damage to the pcb (warping, burnt)from excessive pre-heat temperature or dwell over the forth.

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