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SubContractor | 19 July, 2005


Are sub-contractors responsible for WEEE directive.


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SubContractor | 19 July, 2005

No, the people that put products on the market are responsible for WEEE.

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SubContractor | 20 July, 2005

....However your customer may demand it of you (which many are in the UK) as they often have little knowledge of the manufacturing process having subbed out for years...

Obviously it needs to be a smooth transition so the subby can continue to build & bill, and not get left with a mountain of non compliant stock.

Where the customer makes it the subbies problem you need a definite date for the last shipment of non compliant stock to the end customer (based on when they know they can sell on all stock before the deadline!).

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Jason Fullerton


SubContractor | 29 July, 2005

WEEE = Recycling Initiative

RoHS = Lead-free

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