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Harwin SM connector problems

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Harwin SM connector problems | 28 July, 2005

Hi guys,

Have any of you encountered harwin connector M80-647 in the past? Have you noticed any problems with the reliability of the component, solderability and 'reworkability' (thats a new word for sure)? Heres a PDF of the component;

Even though it is now obsolete and have re-designed our new rev product to uses thru-hole connectors, we still have to use our existing stock of components & PCB's with the current rev.. We find the production reflow process works ok, good fillet on the smt pad etc through our BTU convection oven. However, we have several issues with delecate latches which results in having to rework the components. (We've spoken to the supplier and this has resulted in them obsoleting the connector). This is where the problem lies. We have difficulty in reworking these connectors. A fine line between the temp at which the solder reflows and overheating causing the polyamide body to melt. We've made numerous adjustments to preheat temps and profile temps on our BGA 3000 rework station but have a high fallout from the rework process. Poor wetting, blisters on the polyamide body, grainy finish on solder, etc, etc. A whole plethora of issues that as soon as you deal with one, another becomes prevalent.....

Any comments / suggestions?


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Harwin SM connector problems | 29 July, 2005

For these type of connectors proper underside board heating, a customized nozzle and careful past printing are the keys to reworking properly.

Pls contact BEST Inc at offline if you need someone to look at these for you.



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