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VOC free flux

David Chapman


VOC free flux | 18 April, 2000

I have heard that a drwaback to VOC free flux in the wave solder machine is the machine will rust. Is this guy for real? What do you know about drawbacks vs. benefits of VOC free? Thanks

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Re: VOC free flux | 19 April, 2000


The main part of your machine that VOC-Free fluxes attack is your spray fluxer itself. If you haven't already, you'll need to purchase a spray fluxer that's designed to accomodate water-based VOC-Free fluxes (i.e. made of stainless steel with polymer tubing, non-brass fittings, etc.). Ultrasonic System's Opti-Flux is such a machine. We replaced a couple of our old-style spray fluxers with Opti's.

If you search the archives and also SMTNet library, there are some pretty informative threads (many of which I put my $.02 in) and papers on VOC-Free flux and spray fluxers also (benefits, drawbacks, etc). I implemented VOC-Free flux here at my company, and if you'd like,I can send you the paper that I did.

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Steve Harshbarger


Re: VOC free flux | 19 April, 2000

David, Your concern is legitimate regarding the aggressiveness of VOC free flux. Water (the main substance of VOC free flux)is much more aggressive than alcohol. You will have an increased need to be more cautious from a compatibility standpoint, regarding the hardware in the fluxing area. The comments from CK are correct, most people do run these fluxes with a spray fluxer. There are various options on the market to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Good luck researching VOC free flux. If you have any questions regarding different fluxes available, feel free to contact me. Steve Harshbarger Sono-Tek Corp. NY 914-795-2020

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Re: VOC free flux | 20 April, 2000


I would like to receive the paper that you wrote, I am in process of implementing VOC free at our factory and could use all of the information that I can get.



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