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PCB finish for RoHS?

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PCB finish for RoHS? | 4 August, 2005

Hi all, I am wondering what everyone is using as a PCB finish for RoHS. There doesn't seem to be a favorite out there. I know there are many companies using a gold finish but I don't want to pay that much and I have also heard about reliability problems with soldering to gold. We are currently using Immersion Sn but are having problems soldering after the board has been through a reflow oven. I am looking into a Pb-free HASL. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Your help will be appreciated.


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PCB finish for RoHS? | 4 August, 2005

Hi Ted,

look at this tread:

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

then see note of Bob Gilbert (from FCT Assembly) you can have from him very interesting documentation CD about HASL made by SN100C alloy

Regards GS

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PCB finish for RoHS? | 7 August, 2005

Get a couple of quotes on ENIG. You may be surprised at the price. HASL, (which is often considered to be the cheapest finish), is now more expensive for us than ENIG due to the extra processes involved.

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PCB finish for RoHS? | 8 August, 2005


Is your pcb problems after reflow process related to the change of color of the pcb to yellowish?

I have such problem when running thru' the pcb under ROsH condition. This pcb does not change color previously when running under non-ROsH condition. I wonders if it is also related to the pcb finishing.

Regards ong

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PCB finish for RoHS? | 8 August, 2005

If you are using fine lines and tight spacing ENIG may be cheaper than HASL. This is because there is not as much bridging at the board house between traces so they do less touch up. This would probably be even more true with no-lead. We have been using ENIG for about 7 years. It is a great finish. Do not use a source that can not do the gold plating in house, or you will have problems at some point. Tin and silver finishes are cheaper and will work OK but better use your boards up in a few months!!

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PCB finish for RoHS? | 9 August, 2005

Hi Ted,

I am a Sales Manager for a Circuit board Manufacture in MN.

We have seen the Majority of our Customer base switch to Enig do to shelf life issues of silver and Tin.

Silver, Tin & OSP all have a shelf life between 6 - 8 Mos. Enig is between 12-18 Mos.

I also agree with one of the other replys on working with a board house that has the line in-house. Main reason is because the board house will have tighter controls on the Nickel Bath.

Being that we have Enig in-house we can offer this finish almost as cheap as Immersion Silver.

Any questions please feel free to contact me,

Mike Dupont Circuit Science, Inc. 763-559-9515 Tel.

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