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ENIG switch contacts

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ENIG switch contacts | 5 August, 2005

As part of our conversion to lead-free, I'm redesigning a pcb that had switch contact patterns screened on the board using carbon ink. On the new board, I plan on using the ENIG process and having the switch contacts be patterns of copper with the nickel and gold added. I'm wondering if the gold is thick enough to be used as a switch contact surface? The switch contacts are shorted by carbon buttons on the back of a silicone membrane.

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Tom B


ENIG switch contacts | 7 August, 2005

I usually Spec out 20- 30 uinches of gold over Nickel (50-80 uinches).

If the most conduction is needed use Immersion Silver, about 12-20 uinches).


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ENIG switch contacts | 8 August, 2005

I am a contract Mfgr. and we receive these designs quite frequently. ENIG is the finish and the designs do utilize pushbutton switches from membranes. I am not provvy to any reliability or performance data but we process alot of these designs. If you have any solder joints on this assembly do not use "plated gold" at the thicknesses mentioned above. That spec is for gold fingers and such and should not be used for component attachments.

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Tom B


ENIG switch contacts | 8 August, 2005

That uis correct if your wanting solderable gold it should be 10-17uinches, but for coantact suchas as switches and card edge 30 is used

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