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CSP Rework

Madan Mohan


CSP Rework | 14 April, 2000

I work on CSP Rework Process Development. Can anyone suggest a way by which the component top temperature during removal / replacement can be reduced for the same solder joint temperatures (for example providing metal shields over component top in the nozzle).

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Mario J. Gislao


Re: CSP Rework | 14 April, 2000

Mr. Mohan,

I would suggest contacting OK International's Applications Engineering department directly. They are a world-recognized leader in providing BGA/CSP rework solutions and have one of the best rework machines on the market. Try contacting thier Apps Manager, Mr. Ed Zamborsky at 914-969-6800. Good luck!

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Re: CSP Rework | 20 April, 2000

Why worry about the temperature if the top of the chip is 20 degrees C above eutectic - 183 C(at the balls)...if a machine works at convection oven temperatures, with high power, then there's no need to worry...Also, a CSP is a very forgiving chip.

APE ( manufactures their machines to work at convection oven temperatures....we use a high power heater...this makes it easy to lower the temperature on the unit.

High power also shortens the time it takes to remove or replace the chip. When you buy a machine look at the power of the heater! Is it 500 watts or 1200 watts.

I think of it in terms of heating a room with space heaters. The higher the wattage, the lower you can set the temperature of the heaters. If you want to leave the temperature the same (when comparing a 500 watt heater to a 1200 watt heater) then the air in the room will reach the comfort level much quicker.


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Re: CSP Rework | 20 April, 2000

I read your query and reccommend that you take a look at using Infra-red heating technology. I just joined PDR systems and feel that the PDR Technology is appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. Hope this helps !!

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