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MPM SPM Camera

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MPM SPM Camera | 17 August, 2005

I had a camera go bad on my SPM machine. Of course MPM has discontinued this camera, and the upgrade to fix it cost 10K.

Does anyone have any suggestion where I may be able to locate a replacement, or get it fixed ? The camera I have conveniently has absolutely no identification markings on it what so ever. It connects to a Techniquip splitter box.(Model T-Q/DASS-H)

We have 6 or so SPM machines...they all have different camera systems on them.....go figure.

Thnx, Sr.

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MPM SPM Camera | 17 August, 2005

Call Techniquip. Tey helped me out last time I had that problem for unser 1000.00

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MPM SPM Camera | 17 August, 2005

MPM did not discontinue the camera, the camera manufacturer did. It�s not a custom made camera for MPM. Try searching used or second-source cameras. There are three types of vision systems offered on the SPM: manual cross-hair, semi-auto and high-res. Even if the cameras look different, a manual cross-hair camera should work on any other machine with the same type vision. Hopefully some have mfr. I.D. labels. Equipment companies are often at the mercy of their vendors. Vendors sometimes obsolete parts and not even inform their customer base. �Oh, we can�t buy that part anymore, why didn�t you inform us last month�.

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MPM SPM Camera | 17 August, 2005

Thanks for the info. Techniquip fixed me up.

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Paul Isaacs


MPM SPM Camera | 14 November, 2005

G'day What camera's did you end up with?

regards Paul

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MPM SPM Camera | 15 November, 2005

I ended up buying a MM 7A camera form Techniquip. It was a major pain in the butt adjusting the box to the new camera. I ended up having to send the box and the camera into them so they could set it up properly.

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