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Fine Pitch Rework

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John S.


Fine Pitch Rework | 17 August, 2005

Can anyone recommend a particular tool or method for debridging/replacing QFP 64 packages? We are using some fine pitch parts on a low runner and are new to the process. Thanks in advance, John S.

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Fine Pitch Rework | 17 August, 2005

A skilled hand-soldering operator can easily do the rework. Applying liquid flux and raking the iron tip across the leads removes bridges. Removal and replacement of QFP-64 can be done manually. This is of course for very low volume of this type QFP-64 removal and replacement and again requires a skilled operator. Otherwise, there is a nice tool from JBC.

I used the AM 6800, great for quick and easy removal of fine-pitch components and BGAs.

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Fine Pitch Rework | 24 August, 2005

I've used METCAL for years for work such as you have. The base can be a bit expensive, but the number of different tips that they offer (from sold bars, to formed tips for specific component removal, etc..) is fantastic!

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