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Spray Fluxers

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Spray Fluxers | 18 August, 2005

G'day all,

Does anyone have a SonoFlux 2000F fixed head spray fluxer?

If so, can you please give me feedback on the quality of flux coverage and topside fillets as compared to a reciprocating head system.

We are in a position where we need to spend money on an upgrade of our existing fluxer (reciprocating) and we're considering replacing the unit with the fixed head system, but I'm concerned that a fixed head will give less uniform coverage.


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Spray Fluxers | 19 August, 2005

Don, I have used both fixed and reciprocating head fluxers. In my experience I prefer the fixed head over the reciprocating. I actually found that the coverage was more uniform than a reciprocating. However, the fixed head on the Sono-Tek does require a good setup especially with the 2 airstreams that control the pattern. A reciprocating head tends to have overlap which gives you a heavy light heavy etc... coverage unless you spend a lot of time with speed etc... You may want to look at something like the Nordson pulse spray which is fixed head with no ultrasonics. Its drawback is that the pattern is controlled by the specific nozzle and could be somewhat of a hassle when running many different width boards.

My 2 cents

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Spray Fluxers | 22 August, 2005

Fixed spray head performance depends on board width. If you are looking for complete top-side hole fill, the flux penetration into the lead-hole will be more in the center and less on the ends because of the fan pattern spray. For board widths over 6" performance can be lacking on the board ends. I suppose you can get multiple spray heads. Ultrasonic Systems (USI) has a unit with electronic traversing mechanism. There is no setting traverse speed. There is a conveyor speed sensor and a movable rail sensor. The only setting is flux flow rate.

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Spray Fluxers | 25 August, 2005


I have experienced the same thing as Russ. The fixed head systems do give the best uniformity (due to no overlap). Both Nordson and Sono-Tek offer fixed head machines that work excellent. I think the Sono-Tek system that Russ is refereeing to must be the 9500 model from Sono-Tek (this has 2 airstreams and is a bit complex for setup). My newer 2000F system has a single air stream and is simple to use. The Nordson I once used and the Sono-Tek machine I have now, both give excellent top side fillets (even with OSP coated PCB�s) and are very reliable as they don�t have any moving parts.

The disadvantage to both of the fixed head machines is that they do see lighter coverage on the outside edges if you spray over 13� width. My experience has been anything under 13� has equal uniformity on the center and the outside edges. As Russ also mentions the other disadvantage to the Nordson is the need to change spray nozzles when changing PCB width � the Sono-Tek system does not require any changes.

Good luck with your search.


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