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Water | 19 August, 2005

some water managed to leak onto a couple of backplanes boards.

The OP. has blown any water off the boards, would these need to be baked ?

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death and life


Water | 19 August, 2005

fire the OP and do that on your own! 1,do not use your mouth water! 2,it is your fault whom make water blow on the boards 3,you need logical thoughts 4,go to god and pldege for help and ideas~

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god and evil


Water | 19 August, 2005

i totally agree death and life! water means life! do not use fire to blow off water! because when humanbeing is dead we use fire to clean the body!

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Water | 19 August, 2005

water! magic!life! death!relive board with water is really fantastic! who make this happen! we need such aggresive reaction again normal idea! we need fire the manager who leave this matter happened!

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Water | 19 August, 2005

If these are these bare [or partially assembled] boards, baking probably will not hurt, as long as the bake is not excessive.

If these are these assembled boards, baking probably will not accomplish much.

What is the source of this water? If it's reasonable to assume the water wasn't pure, it might be a good idea to wash the boards in deionized water, prior to taking the next step.

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