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Rohs parts

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Rohs parts | 23 August, 2005


We started to get more and more parts RoHS compliant on our smt line. The operator is sending me back a reel of componenent (0805)resistors and he is telling me that solder wetting is poor and unnaceptable due to oxydation deposit over the leads.

RoHS parts are they more sensitive to oxydation ? Is there any care to take to prevent oxydation of the leads ?

Thanks for your answers!!!

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Rohs parts | 30 August, 2005

As Rohs parts with lead free solders dont wet as well your operator may be mistaking this for oxidisation. there is also the posibility that the parts are manufactured with HMP solder (92.5% lead) also rosh complient but the solder dose oxidise.

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