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Laser Marking

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Laser Marking | 26 August, 2005

We currently have a Laser marking machine on trial (we have no previous experience)

Machine is Epilog TT24

Just wondering if anyone out there has any experiences both good and bad to share.

We use for ID marking on various accesories.

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Laser Marking | 30 August, 2005

AJ, there are a variety of laser marking systems in the marketplace. Most use a CO2 laser to mark PCBs. Since laser life is directly related to power available vs power used, you should try to get a system with a 30 watt power rating. Most marking is conducted in the 12 watt range.

Next look at user interface. How easy is the system to program, what types of markings can it perform (you never know what you need to mark until you need to), accurancy, and in line capability.

Most marking systems should perform: 1D, 2 D bar code martix, code 39, date and time, lot, numeric sequencing, lot sequencing, text and graphics.

If you would like competitive information please write me at:

Hope this helped.

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