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Solder print for TAB Bonder

Paul Peterson


Solder print for TAB Bonder | 13 April, 2000

Hi fellow problem solvers,... We suspect a planarity problem with our 6 mil wide flex circuit pads having height variance of up to 2 mils after print and reflow. This is contributing to a placement skew with our TAB bonder... Has anyone had any success with some type of post reflow process to ensure even height of each soldered pad? Thank you for your time and consideration! Paul Peterson

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Re: Solder print for TAB Bonder | 14 April, 2000

Hi Paul, a planar surface is not what you get after reflow no matter how hard you try to get the best printing results. One thing is to flatten the surface again like the Sipad-technology but I don�t know if and how it�s applicable in your specific case.

Just an idea


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Joanne DeBlis


Re: Solder print for TAB Bonder | 20 April, 2000

Hi Paul, Another method of achieving a planar surface is PPT. This may alleviate the problem your having.

For additional information you can visit our web site at

Joanne DeBlis

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