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SMD adhesive

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SMD adhesive | 29 August, 2005

Good day,

We use Loctite 3616 for securing SMD's to the PCB before wave. On rare occasions, we have to remove and replace the secured part. Our operators are having a diffucult time removing parts (large QFP's, etc). My questions to this forum:

1) What's your procedure for removing SMD parts from PCB's that are secured with fully cured adhesives?

2) Are some SMD adhesives easier to work with then others after they have fully cured?


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SMD adhesive | 30 August, 2005

I haven't used that Loctite before as I've never printed adhesive, but you might try reheating the part with a hot air works pretty well with 3609.

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SMD adhesive | 1 September, 2005

This is a bad situation and if you use (better to rework) adhesive that means it will work worse in your normal process(wont hold). Heat all the leads to reflow temp, twist (rotate)the part untill it breaks free. Most adhesives are not designed for this and will break free fairly easily. Make sure its at reflow temp or you will pull up leads.

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