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Presse for press-fit connector

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Presse for press-fit connector | 31 August, 2005


Does anyone knoews a place where i can find a used presse to place press-fit connector? Only a couple of company are distributing this item. I want a used one for cost reason.


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Presse for press-fit connector | 1 September, 2005

Depending on the connector you should be able to use a standard cheap arbor press with some cheap home-made tooling. Standard arbor presses typically have a rotating disc with cut-outs, remove this and put a decent quality stainless steel block in its place. This will support a home-made aluminum tooling plate. If its a standard spaced row connector you can just take a piece of aluminum and make slits with a band saw to allow the leads to go into. If its a staggard row configuration you will need to pull all the pins out of a sacrificial connector and use it for a pattern to drill holes for each lead. If this does not make sense, I can send you a picture of one. The press should cost a few hundred at Edco or maybe Harbor Freight.(they dont usually have them that big). You will need a long handle, about 2 feet to get the leverage to do it by hand.

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Presse for press-fit connector | 1 September, 2005

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