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wirebonding | 4 September, 2005

hi all, i have a question about the wirebonding That is under what circumstances that the ball bonding is used and under what circumstaces the wedge bonding is used? thanx advanced.

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wirebonding | 7 September, 2005

finest pitch requires ball bonding (gold)


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wirebonding | 8 September, 2005

Finer pitch: Wedge bonding can be designed and manufactured to very small dimensions, down to 50 mm pitch. Processing speed: Machine rotational movements make the overall speed of the wedge bonding process less than thermosonic ball bonding.

Aluminum ultrasonic bonding is the most common wedge bonding process: * Low cost. * Low working temperature.

The main advantage for gold wire wedge bonding is the possibility to avoid the need of hermetic packaging after bonding due to the inert properties of the gold. In addition, a wedge bond will give a smaller footprint than a ball bond, which specially benefits the microwave devices with small pads that require a gold wire junction.

Look here:

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wirebonding | 9 September, 2005


Sorry Dave,I apologie for my mistake (I was confused)

Regards........... GS

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