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SMD marking codes

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SMD marking codes | 14 September, 2005

If it is necessary to define the type SMD semiconductors on its code of the marking (marking code, top mark) - visit the site (no www!)

The having read article "rules of the marking" you get the full presentation, as this it is necessary to do, and as it is impossible. You will Find the useful references to sites for searching for of the type on code. You will Be able gratis lood 4500 codes in PDF file compressed before 120KB. You will learn of new version CD on marking codes and their searching for. In the world exists beside 150 thousand marking codes for approximately two hundred companies. There is the catalog on 73000 codes (109 companies of the world) in Russia now. In principle, exactly for Your code possible: - find type of SMD, with probability of the positive result more than 50%. If it is necessary to search for often and much - needs special catalogue on CD. Then searching for of the type on code - real and quickly. Such catalog - not only searching for of the code and type, this is Your GUIDE in the world of modern SMD.

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