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DEK 2D Inspection

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DEK 2D Inspection | 28 September, 2005

I would like to get some feedback on the use of DEK 2D Inspection feature. We are in the process of implementing this feature and question how wide spread it's use is and how successfully it has been implemented.

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DEK 2D Inspection | 29 September, 2005

I have over 6 years experience working on Dek Printers, and I would highly recommend them to anyone BUT I have never seen the 2D Inspection last any longer than a couple of weeks running on the machine.

This is the one side of things that they FAIL. You will just get false fail after false fail after false fail after false fail (get my drift)

My experience is all machines upto GSX265 and briefly Horizon.

If you find that it works out for you let me know and I will have another go at it!


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DEK 2D Inspection | 30 September, 2005

Good day,

2D inspection requires correct adjustment. In the other case it will cause continuous problems and false alarms. Adjust the lightning first and choose the correct process limits second. Look at histogram when you are adjusting the camera light. Histogram must have to clearly seen peaks (white one and black one). Next print 10 boards in step mode and look what 2D inspection �says�. If the print is fine, paste coverage must be near 100% for all inspected sites. Perform auto scale for desired sites if not. Run a production and look at inspection results. We are using DEK 2D inspection at our plant. No problems. It detects stencil blockage, evaluates smear and so on. In any case you can contact DEK technical support, they surely will consult you better than I.

BR, Pavel

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DEK 2D Inspection | 30 September, 2005

I have worked on DEK machines for over 11 yrs, I have implemented the 2D system and have not had any luck with the system. DEK is offering new software if you are interested in possibly upgrade the machine. The new system is the Hawkeye vision and it is very impressive.

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John S.


DEK 2D Inspection | 3 October, 2005

We've been using Horizon 01's for a couple of years. We use the advanced 2d board and stencil to setup process control through QC-Calc. It works very well, but you must put the time into setting it up. Ask DEK if they can get you a manual for their process in control class. If you can't get to the class, the manual is very good and it will help you set it up. John S.

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