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Hybrid reflow profiles

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Hybrid reflow profiles | 1 October, 2005

I face a problem where the components termination is non lead free but solder alloy is lead free. Thus i am using hybrid reflow profile. The specs for the reflow profile i am using: reflow temp. 120 to 160 deg C; time 90 to 120 sec. As for the pak temp. is 215 to 225 deg C; time 60 to 90 sec. Any advice as i face question where will there be any metallic join between the terminal and the solder paste.

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Hybrid reflow profiles | 3 October, 2005

search the archives!

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Hybrid reflow profiles | 3 October, 2005

for backward compatibility applications (such as this), the higher melting temperature alloy (LF alloy) gets the priority in selecting the reflow profile.

you are using too low temps for reflow. your LF alloy wont reflow at these temp and you will end up with a partially melted (if at all) alloy in yr joint causing all kinds of reliability issues.

therefore regardless of the component terminations, use a reflow profile suitable for yr LF solder.


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Hybrid reflow profiles | 4 October, 2005


I thought it was extreemly bad to use lead based parts with lead free solder?



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