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idle machine time

mike d


idle machine time | 5 April, 2000

Hi guys,

Anyone have any good ideas on how to fill up idle surface mount machine time? We are currently between projects and have idle time which I need to fill. Any good tips would be greatly appreciated.


Mike D.

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Claude Couture


Re: idle machine time | 5 April, 2000


Give training to SMT machine operators. Or do annual maintenance.

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Re: idle machine time | 5 April, 2000

Mike: Claude makes excellent suggestions.

I'll add perform more product set-ups to increase the variety of product being assembled to be able to respond to customers better, sell more product, and increase machine loading. So then, you have to ask questions about feeder carts, buying new / used machines, and what not.

Ta Dave F

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Re: idle machine time | 6 April, 2000

...reminds me of the harley davidson saying...If you had to ask you wouldn't understand.

1. Run capability study. 2. Verify calibration 3. Bring Sales / Marketing onto Mfg. floor and embarass them into oblivion. (I would choose #3 as the first priority--and the most enjoyable)

PS I want your job! There are not enough hours in the day in this business.

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M Cox


Re: idle machine time | 7 April, 2000


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