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BGA | 13 October, 2005


Can you give me some tips for choose a BGA rework system? Where can I buy this machines?

Thanks for your help

Best regards Jerome

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BGA | 13 October, 2005

Hi Jerome, Look into a system from ERSA. I'm considering picking up the IR500. Jay

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BGA | 14 October, 2005

Have a look into the finetech system. I can say its is all in one.

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BGA | 14 October, 2005

Take a look at model AT707 from advanced techniques. We had ours for close to 2 years without any problems. No affiliation with the company.

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BGA | 15 October, 2005

We also have an AT-707. It has performed pretty well for us. No issues thus far. Software has no auto profile like some others do but for the price its a good system. Get a good look at the optics before you buy. Have used this system for a couple years now I wish we got one with different color lights (Air Vac) for the part and board. Makes viewing much easier.

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BGA | 17 October, 2005

Please define the pitch of the devices, package size and area rray package style so we make a recommendation. Also let us know the kind of product you will run in terms of their value (WIP cost @ time of rework), maximum board size and board thickness. Will you need to running lead-free product through this station?



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BGA | 24 October, 2005

Hi Jerome,

You may also want to consider APR-5000 from Metcal. Capability and price is very reasonable.


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BGA | 25 October, 2005

No matter the machine/process you choose, you may want to look at my article and free download about BGA rework, repair, and/or modification.

MoonMan Proof Of Design

It's always free.

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