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Matte Sn Plating

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Matte Sn Plating | 24 October, 2005

Hello all: A couple of queries on matte Sn plating: My Application: 2 Reflows in subassembly reflow+ 8 Hr Steam age+ Solderability (Dip and look) for sub assembly to mother board soldering.

Queries on Matte Sn: 1- Different plating vendors discolour in different shade of yellow to brown. Does any one have experience and the reason for a Matte Sn Discolouring after 232C? 2- Purplish tinge on Matte Sn sureface: Ni migration Does anyone have solderibility concerns with such a situation. 3- Has anyone have exerience with a Matte Sn plating/plater meeting the said solderability criteria?

Regards, Ali

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Matte Sn Plating | 25 October, 2005

Could you be talking about immersion tin?

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Matte Sn Plating | 7 November, 2005

Hi Dave, I am working on electroplated matte Sn.

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