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Rohs | 8 November, 2005

Hello to all,

Just wondering how much progress others have made in relation to Rohs/Leadfree?

What stages are they at and have any changeover dates been set ?

any replies will be helpful and further tighten the noose around my neck....

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Rohs | 8 November, 2005

If it makes you feel any better, we haven't done anything yet.

All of our customers claim to be exempt. I haven't had time to look closely enough to verify, but right now I'll take their word for it. We ARE looking at upgrading our oven and getting a second wave machine, though.

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Rohs | 11 November, 2005

ive been working on it for 6months solid, we used 6 differnt alloys not including lead free, in seven different soldering methods, reflow, way iron, bath, vp,hotplate ect. been a nightmare and i could do with another 12 months at it.

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Rohs | 11 November, 2005

About the progress: RoHS is very complex to deal with and it will take a lot of time and investments to complete. Yet, there is no case in the European Courthouse to have set the precedent...

Of course there is RoHS standard/requirements to be followed; i.e IPC Changeover time is set. I forgot it, but I think it is 2006-07-01 (first of july), but perhaps some other nice people will correct me. ( I hope that I understood Your qeustions correctly...) /Sincererly

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Rohs | 15 November, 2005

Aj, Hope that noose isn't too tight. If you have't started working on this already then yoru about 6 months too late! It obviously depends on your Products and yoru processes but to be honest.... the technical side is not immpossible and good engineering and process controls will get you through... well that plus a good DFM, some pixidust and helpful customers! The biggest challenge that everyone faces and are forgetting about is the supply chain logistics of the component supply plus the supporting evidence that you need to gather to ensure you can prove that your product is compliant.... now that's hard! plus all 25 EU member states can and will have differeing requirements for what is acceptable in terms of supporting evidence of compliance... so far Ireland seems to be the strictist.

So far been working on this topic for abotu 4 or 5 years, 2 years with my latest company.... and we're almost there....!


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Rohs | 17 November, 2005

Hi John, any particular criteria you used to determine the component/PCB surface finish for the final assembly??

I am in the process of far testing test vehicles to find out the surface finish combination...with actual boards to come soon


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