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Solder paste control

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Solder paste control | 10 November, 2005


I had a question from our ISO guy asking me how I know that the paste we use is in good condition? The problem is that he saw our operator put some old paste back in a empty jar to reuse it the next day. So his question is how do you know the paste has been on the stencil below the maximal hour wrote in the datasheet? Do you know any measure than I can take to certify that the paste in good? like viscosity or something else? And how I do that? Because I'm pretty sure that is next question will be how I know the new paste we just receive is good too.

Thank You

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Solder paste control | 11 November, 2005

Good day,

First of all used solder paste should be placed in special container. It should be kept separately from �fresh� solder paste from the same jar. Limit paste usage period after opening the jar according to manufacturer�s specification. When our operators open new jar they write down date and time of opening. Every time operator takes an opened jar he/she compares date and checks is time limit exceed or not. Whole jar is utilized if time limit is exceeded. Always follow manufacturer�s material handling procedure to be sure that solder paste is fine.

BR, Pavel

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Solder paste control | 11 November, 2005

P.S. If you�ll have further questions you can write e-mail to me on Russian Language. I suspect that you know it :)

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