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solderability problem

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solderability problem | 11 November, 2005

we are manufacturer of molded type transformer. we have a trim and form process and its damage the pins of our units. the TIN insulation was being damage so we decide to immediately solder (wave soldering) the units to avoid oxidation. my question is, is there a possibilities that are units will not be soldered on the pcb of the customer during their reflow process.

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solderability problem | 11 November, 2005

Hi Arnold,

Some wave solder machines have a preheat function, that raises the board temperature before soldering. Some transformers use single use thermal fuses/TCO's inside, that trip at a set value (in a range approx. 70 degrees C to 180 degrees C).

Could be a problem....


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solderability problem | 14 November, 2005

If the solder that you apply bonds well to the metal terminations of the transformers, your customers should have no solderability problems related to your components.

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