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MyData glue station

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MyData glue station | 14 November, 2005

Has anyone had issues with their glue stations. After our software upgrades it seems to not be working properly. We have had it slam into the pot, not go into the pot, slam the arm, etc.. Default glue dots used to work now I have to set all their bit depths to 3mm-4mm to even get any glue.We don't use it to often so experience is not at what it should be.

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MyData glue station | 17 November, 2005

Never could get that thing to work rite. Better off getting a glue stencil or a manual dispenser. Even if you do get it to work it is difficult to control the glue dot size to stay stable either you get too much or not enough.

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MyData glue station | 18 November, 2005

You may want to contact MYDATA on that issue. It may be something wrong with your software version. Perhaps they hvae already fixed this problem.

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