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Engine control

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Engine control | 18 November, 2005


1. I have DC engine of car's wishers with I use in at my project. the Engine specification is 12V DC 1.5A. The input voltage is constat of 12V. The problem with adding resistor ( in order to pull down the current)in the circuit is that resistor must be with minimum of 18W, If not the resistor will burn. Is there any way to make the engine slower by adding resistor?

thanks, Kokofiko

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Engine control | 21 November, 2005


Yes you can use a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). This is much more efficient than a large resistor & gives you good control.

Here is a sample for 12V motor control:

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Engine control | 2 December, 2005

Hello, 1st of all thank you. 2. While I was reducing the rottor speed, I've noticed that the engine don't stop immidietly when I disconnect the voltage source. That makes me problem how to control what is the rottor location-How can I fix it up? 3. I would like to know if there is a water sensor - which makes me know what is the water level?

sincerly yours, Kokofiko

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Engine control | 2 December, 2005

Forgot: 4. How do I design a new part in Orcad? Kokofiko

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