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BGA Void

Garo Donabedian


BGA Void | 27 March, 2000

I ran six boards with uBGA, and all six have voids 25-30%. I would like to know what would cause this since this is my first time running into this problem. also I would like to know how does a void effect the components function the customer does not know if the failure is the BGA part or it is something else.

if you have the answer, please reply asap. I really appreciate your help

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Re: BGA Void | 27 March, 2000

Garo: Voids are primarily process indicators. There is experimental evidence that voids retard crack propagation locally around the void on a temporary basis. There is no standard, IPC or otherwise, on voids--nor should there be. See also J-STD-013, Implementation of Ball Grid Array and Other High Density Technology.

Bottom line: you should decide if this level of voiding will affect the long term reliability of your product.

Good luck Dave F

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Re: BGA Void | 29 March, 2000

Garo, Minor voiding in Ball Grid Array solder joints is common, and not considered a threat to reliability. The biggest cause of open solder joints caused by voids is the outgassing of moisture. They are formed when pockets of gas are trapped during the actual connection process. I believe a study on the Voiding Phenom was done by Texas Instruments a fews years back. I think it was specific to their own BGA devices ( MicroStar BGA ), but their ideas on the subject can most likely help you to. It is probably on the net somewhere; just try a search!

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong

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