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MSD & How to

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MSD & How to | 26 November, 2005

My enlgish & gramma is not that good, but perhaps You will understand me? We all know that the way we handle the MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices) are crucial. We have been through this in a lot of other postings; but I feel there could be some remaining questions to be answer to. This is a possible scenario for us: We are evaluating a sort of a "tent" that we can roll our feeder carts into/and out, and "stop the clock" for the remaining floor life. (IPC-rules for MSD-open time "floor life"). This "tent" should maintain < 5 % RH at 20 - 26 C. degree. We are not thinking about to work in there, just roll in and out the feeder carts.

Here comes the first question: ESD; because of the dry atmosphere?

Second: Anybody with experience of "How to do MSD in an efficient way" in this case?

Third: Any suggestions where to find such a "tent" to a decent price?


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MSD & How to | 26 November, 2005

I have not the answer for You, but after looking at the link below, I now understand the importance of the MSD or MSL.

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