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BGA Reball templates

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BGA Reball templates | 1 December, 2005


I'm wondering if anybody knows of another vender other then Winslow that makes disposable BGA reball templates? I really appreciate your help.

Thank you, Felipe

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BGA Reball templates | 4 December, 2005

I do not have any other vendors to offer.....are you having trouble with the Winslow preforms? Just curious. I too have used them in the past, some with good results - but mostly disasters. I have worked with everyone, even the president on attachment issues, they seem clueless on their OWN products.

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BGA Reball templates | 5 December, 2005

Methods for reballing BGA are: * Reballing preforms [SolderQuik BGA Preform ] * Reballing screens [marketed by many including: Mini Micro Stencil, Pace, Topline]

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