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James clark


Reflow | 2 December, 2005

Somebody knows where I could find information in order to learn how to read a reflow profile. I am new in this topic. Thanks

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Reflow | 3 December, 2005


Here for articles on developing reflow recipes: *,3156,18454,00.html



As a diagnostic tool, a profiler is invaluable in helping determine the causes of poor yields and high rework. Major suppliers are: * Electronic Controls Design Inc. (ECD); 4287-A SE International Way, Milwaukie, OR 97222; 503-353-6233. F503-353-6233

* Datapaq, Inc.; 187 Ballardvale St. Wilmington, MA 01887; 978-988-9000 F978-988-0666

* KIC Thermal Profiling; 15950 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite E San Diego, CA 92127; 858-673-6050 Fax: 858-673-0085

* Other suppliers are: MRK Industries LLC Mundelein, IL & Saunders Technology, Inc. Hollis, NH

Each of the suppliers offer on their sites technical papers to assist in determining and monitoring thermal recipes.

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Reflow | 3 December, 2005


I found one of the best features of profiling software was if the software can do the analysis of the profile for you and tell you how far out of the process window you are, and let you simulate oven temperatures and then give you a best guess on how it will effect your profile.

The KIC software on our profiler does that, and even suggests a set of oven temps and conveyer speed to get the best profile if you pay for that option. It works most of the time.

The other manufactures might have similar features, and that's what I find most helpful about a good profiler, and it's that the software does the work for you, and you can get to a good profile much faster.

We had thermocouple inputs on our Soltec oven, and it was ok, but getting the profiler was great really only because of the software. It really reduced our failures when we profiled each product correctly.



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Reflow | 4 December, 2005

At least here the solder paste industry is competive, and each rep wants to be sure you are using their paste properly. Therefore they are willing to help you out. They are afraid a competitor will come in and show you his paste is better when in fact it's the profiling that is better. One sales rep refused to sell us a jar of his paste untill we tried a free sample, and he was willing to schedule someone to visit when we tried it.

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Reflow | 4 December, 2005


How much does your company spend annually on solder paste?

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Reflow | 4 December, 2005

Not sure, but I would guess we used less than 100, 500 gram jars last year. Next year probably double or triple that. I think for the first 6 months of operation or so (before I started) they were pretty much using only samples.

Nowhere near what a place like Celestica would use.

But I"ve found overall, treating suppliers and sales guys with respect goes a long way.

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