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metal squeegee

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metal squeegee | 8 December, 2005

I am looking for Metal Squeegee blades, 15 7/8" long, angled, for a deHart stencil printer model EL-20. Can you recomend me a good and unexpensive supplier?



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metal squeegee | 8 December, 2005

Hello Greg I believe a you can get them from JNJ, not sure of the phone number. Try a web site and I know that they have a 1-800 number, so 800 information would find them. Harry

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metal squeegee | 10 December, 2005

Consider: * Your machine supplier * Transition Automation

* A couple of years ago, Darby I think, talked here on SMTnet about using a stainless steel blade that he had made. Basically, he provided his stencil fabricator with a CAD drawing of the squeegee blade from his printer and away they went, never looked back. [Appologies if it was or was not Darby.]

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metal squeegee | 11 December, 2005

That's correct Dave, have been for over 11years. We are still using them on all lines. For the cost of a 460mm s/s shim at 0.010" thickness you get six blades. Darby.

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metal squeegee | 12 December, 2005

Dear Greg, We can manufactured various of Metal squeegee blades, pls give me email address, i'll send the picture to you.

Tks and B.Rds Cindy Leng HWATALI TECHNOLOGY (HK) CO TEL: 86-755-83016463 FAX: 86-755-83016648 Email:

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