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Mechanical strenght

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Mechanical strenght | 8 December, 2005

Hi everyone,

One of our customer is asking us wich one of these two components has a better resistance to vibration. Vibration can be a potential problem for them. He has the choice between a thru hole radial capacitor with near 0.400 in diameter and 0.400 in height or an smt capacitor. My guess would be an smt capacitor because of the lower gravity point and also the surface of the solder wich is greater than the thru hole.The value of the capacitor is 63uf 47v

Thanks for taking of your precious time to respond.

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Mechanical strenght | 9 December, 2005


I'd be inclined to go with the through hole capacitor, as to surface mount it you would probably need to go for an elco (ceramics & films don't do that value in that voltage, & you'd be hard pressed to get a tant in that voltage).

SMD Elcos aren't the best devices for staying attached to pcbs due to the relatively small pad area to mass of the component.

At least with a through hole electrolytic it's secured through the board and to either side (as long as you are using plated through hole boards!).

The other option is to use an array of lower value SMD caps, however you are again restricted by physics and would have to use something like 13 or 14 4.7uf 50V 1210's which would take up a lot of space and cost around $2 - whereas a high quality, 6000 hr +, 105C through hole part would cost you around $0.06-0.10 each.

Hope that helps,


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