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PCB PTH Design | 24 March, 2000

Does PTH design can affect the wave soldering process in term of increasing the incidence of solder bridges, even without a component being present?. I have been experiencing a situation weere I believe this is happening. In this case separation of PTH's seems not to be an issue. Thanks.

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Re: PCB PTH Design | 27 March, 2000

Pete: Two angles on your question: 1 Yes, the layout of your board can affect the level of bridging you see. 2 That aside, the set-up of your machine also can affect the level of bridging on your board. Shaw, I could set-up your machine to bridge in about 15 minutes!!!! You think that's something? Our machine operator could do it without thinking!!!!

It's tough for us to comment on your board layout (without seeing it), but if you tell us about your machine set-up flux, solder, etc; we will be happy to wildly speculate and offer mildly cogent explanations on the possible causes of bridging.

Good luck Dave F

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