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Rohs Cost

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Rohs Cost | 17 December, 2005


I am currently finishing off my PO for solder bars,paste,solder wire and Flux for the changeover to leadfree.

Surely the company is not expected to take the full hit on this cost alone?

I know there is some funding available for this but as far as I know it is more towards r&d than materials cost?

Anyone know any different?


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Rohs Cost | 19 December, 2005

Surely it is.... If your price goes up, you increase the price to your customer. If your customers price goes up, they increase the price to their customer. Eventually the consumer pays more...

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Rohs Cost | 19 December, 2005

If our price goes up we loose the customer!!

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Amol Kane


Rohs Cost | 19 December, 2005

funding from who?. we are dealing with the same thing here. the solder paste cost is roughly 1.5 times SnPb, and the cost of bar solder is thru the roof

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