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green contamination

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green contamination | 26 December, 2005

I would to ask on what do you call on the color green contamination found on the soldered units. Whe i soldered some units after few days there was a color green on the wires. what do you call on this contamination?

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green contamination | 26 December, 2005



green contamination | 26 December, 2005

i want to know the terminology called on that corrosion.

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green contamination | 27 December, 2005

It could be lots of things. You're not helping to narrow those alternatives. So, consider taking a sample to: * An analytical laboratory. * Teachers in the chemistry department at a local university.

Kester recommends the following independent labs: * Foresite, Inc. (765) 457-8095 * American Competitiveness Institute (610) 362-1200 * Trace Labs * Schenectady Materials and Processes Laboratory (518) 382-0082 * Bodycote Taussig (847) 676-2100 * Robisan Laboratory, Inc (317) 353-6249 * Precision Analytical Laboratory (765) 455-1993

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green contamination | 3 January, 2006

verdegree is the term used relaited to copper roofs turning green if its any help???

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green contamination | 6 January, 2006

Here's an article our lab has published about green contamination - If you are concerned with finding out just what is there and what the cause is, I would agree with davef that it would be helpful for you to consult with an independant laboratory.


Sara Rice Foresite Inc. 765-457-8095

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