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MyData TWM

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MyData TWM | 17 January, 2006

Does anyone have any experience with a MyData Tray Wagon Magazine (TWM)? If so what do you do behind it for a conveyer? We received a TWM to test and it will not work with our conveyor system. MyData said to change to a different set of adjusting holes but this did not work either.

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MyData TWM | 18 January, 2006

Hi Ron,

The Tray Wagon magazine is designed to go on all the MYDATA machine types, and equipped options. When you have a conveyor system, you do need to mount it so that when the tray wagon goes all the way to the back, it does not hit the external conveyor. The only thing to change is one bracket that the 'mounting screw' goes through.

You said that you've done this, and it still doesn't work? What is not working? Does it not move, power? What?

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MyData TWM | 18 January, 2006

What I mean by it does not work is after I moved the brackets I have about 4.5 inches from the end of the TWM to the conveyor point. None of our conveyers fit there all our Conveyers have about 6 inches in the front on the conveyer. Is there a different conveyer that will fit? I know I am not explaining this well but do you understand what I mean?

Also now that we moved the mount it limited the travel by 5.5 inches and we can not fit as many tray on as we were told.

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MyData TWM | 19 January, 2006


I'm not really sure exactly what you are trying to say. E-mail me:

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