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SMEMA Mechanical Interface

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SMEMA Mechanical Interface | 18 January, 2006

We are designing a new in-line inpsection station for PCBAs and I am a little confused about how to interpret two the Mech. Interface standards in SMEMA 1.2 (items 5 and 6). What is exactly meant by "maximum gap"? Does this get at the distance between adjoining conveyor belts or board transport mechanism (moving part) or non-moving extentions to conveyor rails? What is meant by lead-in? Is there a drawing or picture which indicates these dimensions?

I have looked at other threads that deal with the practical side of setting up adjoining conveyors, but none that get at the design intent of the spec. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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SMEMA Mechanical Interface | 20 January, 2006

John Kania, 202-962-0400 or e-mail

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