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APEX 2000 is over, or is it just starting?


APEX 2000 is over, or is it just starting? | 18 March, 2000

Just returned from Long Beach and the APEX 2000 show. It has been a number of years of since I attended a trade show and felt the excitement of being on an exhibit floor.

All or at least most of the exhibitors seemed to be very busy and looking forward to next years show in San Diego.

The attendees were busy walking and looking at the new equipment on display and the general feeling seemed to be, �It is smaller and more focused�. All seemed to think it was easy to look at equipment and not have to fight through the different halls.

For the exhibitors in the main hall things were very busy, but the people pushed into the back arena were very slow at times and did not see the large numbers of attendees.

Most booths were typical size, but a few seemed to be too large for the setting of the exhibit hall. Some with high structures blocking the view of other exhibitors. (Thought this was one issue that the IPC was not permitting at APEX?)

This was a capital equipment show and in general worth visiting.

Just my thoughts


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Rob Fischer


Re: APEX 2000 is over, or is it just starting? | 18 March, 2000

As one of the exhibitors I can say that I totally agree with you. It was the best show I've been to in quite some time. We were in the main hall and the attendees came for a specific reason and weren't dissappointed. The relaxed attitude of the show helped everyone get what they wanted. IPC/SMEMA deserves a tremendous amount of praise for a job well done. I now acknowledge APEX as "the show" and Greed Exhibition's Nepcons as regionals. I look forward to next year in San Diego and hope that it is as well organized and as focused as the 2000 show. Well Done!

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Re: APEX 2000 is over, or is it just starting? | 18 March, 2000

I totally agree. I like the text of Greed Exhibitions, very fitting. I too was an exhibitor. We were in the other... hall. The first day was lacking in the excitement and hustle and bustle of the main floor. APEX did a good job in correcting the lackluster performance of the first day and day's 2-3 were alright. It is nice to see a show that presents equipment & technology. Not Star Wars & other Hollywood productions. This show has placed itself in the forefront of the standards for others to match. It's also nice to know it is being run by the industry for the industry and Greed Exhibitions cannot purchase it!!

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