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PanaPro System

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PanaPro System | 20 January, 2006

Is PanaPro easy to use? I heard it is a very powerful tool for Panasonic Machine.

Have anyone heard of PanaPro RF CVT? Its wireless Component verification system, this is what I heard, but how does it works? Puzzled...

Traceability System ? How to trace PCB and trace to Component vendors and which reel of part? I heard Panasonic is doing well ..

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PanaPro System | 20 January, 2006

Good day,

You are right. PanaPro system isn�t very easy to use; it�s rather complex system, but very flexible and very powerful. It has a powerful core together with a lot of useful software functions. For example build-in text post-processor, good component definition (when you define new component you can see the component�s image with description of all necessary parameters), good optimizer with perfect optimizing and line balancing capabilities, optional GERBER scanner (if you have no placement data you can extract placement directly from GERBER) and so on, and so on, and so on. Moreover, PanaPro is compatible with old Panasert machines (MPA, MV2). All you need is additional license.

We have RF CVT installed at our plant. Panasonic machines have two or more embedded RF barcode readers. You simply scan feeder and component�s partnumber and software checks if component was installed into right feeder position. Panasonic feeders are electronic ones. I suppose that every feeder has unique code and machine knows where feeder is. Software simply compares component�s partnumber defined in placement program with installed reel.

Traceability. There is barcode scanner installed near machine�s input conveyor. You have to mark each PCB with barcode and that�s all. Software will do the rest of work for you. If you use RF CVT machine will know what components are used right know. Moreover machine will know what PCB entered. All information is stored in database and you can check what components were placed on what PCB and when they were placed. Software stores all necessary information in SQL database.

BR, Pavel

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PanaPro System | 20 January, 2006

Get a FAST computer. Especially if you are programming for the MSF. I didn't like the old panapro and havn't used the new one much. But from what I did see, it's much improved even if it takes a long time to optimize programs. Put it on the fastest computer you can. 2 Ghz at the slowest.

And any parts verification system can be defeated.

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