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Motorola Optocoupler marking

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Motorola Optocoupler marking | 25 January, 2006

I'm having trouble identifying a Motorola Optocoupler. It is a 6 pin thru hole device with the following marking;"SOC839A". It also has the Motorola logo on it. I beleive it is a MOC8XXX part. Is there any way to confirm the exact P/N?

Thank you.

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Motorola Optocoupler marking | 27 January, 2006

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for links to sites that assist in determining part numbers

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Motorola Optocoupler marking | 30 January, 2006

Hi Nick,

It's probably one of two devices - MOC8020 or MOC8021 depending on the CTR (Current transfer ratio).

I have always used for older semiconductor datasheets. (Back in the old days we used to use the IC master data books which cost big time!).

Hope that helps,


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