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cp6 missing small parts

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cp6 missing small parts | 27 January, 2006

hi guys the scenario is: when placing parts which required maximum speed, the cp6 sometimes missing resistors here and there, when checking part data, everything ok i notice that when the machine switching between high and low transport speed, (eg: resistor to sot23)it is making a cranking noise, so where is the source coming from?

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cp6 missing small parts | 29 January, 2006

Hi Better to check the table calibration and wedges also the rack and pinion gear at the back of the table for control if you go into mechacheck you can set the servo and the calibration data if its an early cp6 its quite simple to set up if its a cp42 a little more invovled but ok if you need the calibration and setup pdf give me a shout


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cp6 missing small parts | 30 January, 2006

Another thing to keep in mind are the vacuum hoses. The early models had a real problem with the vacuum hoses that connect to the back of the windmill. They would crack or wear through due to rubbing and cause a loss of vacuum which could cause your part issue. The newer hoses can still wear out but not nearly as quick as the first ones that came out. Now with the noise you are describing this more than likely is not your issue but it takes just a couple of minutes to check so I would rule out all the easy stuff first just to be sure.

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cp6 missing small parts | 31 January, 2006

You also should check to make sure you have blow off at the placing station set properly. I have seen machines with the flow control valve shut completely off not release parts properly. The parts end up in the scrap bin and the machine thinks they were placed.

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cp6 missing small parts | 31 January, 2006

If you are sure that your part data is correct, have you checked the calibration of Z origin? Are the parts leaving an impression on the paste or is there no indication of an attempted place. How small of resistors are we talking 0402, 0603, 0805?

The crank sound that you are describing sounds like the "U-joints" for the C axis are going out. Does it make this sound when you rotate the cam using the inching keys?

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