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SMT issues

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SMT issues | 8 February, 2006

Hi all, we are manufacturing smt components and some weeks ago our customers are facing many problems related to weeting and solderability. I know it is due to the Lead free processes, but anyway, we are quite confuse. In case it was possible, what can I suggest them to solder our component? there is anything I can told them how to proceed to solder our components...we have talked about temp profile, etc...and all seems to be good...they say that our product have some wetability issues (but it is not oxidized)

thanks! I know is a difficult question to be answered.


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SMT issues | 9 February, 2006

If your component meets ANSI/J-STD-002 - Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs, Terminals, and Wires, then the problem is at your customer's operation.

If the problem is at your customer's operation, it's very difficult to analyze with the limited information that you've provided. More information would be helpful. For instance: * Talk about the distribution [scope and breadth] of the problem, including a single lot or from various lots and over components and component types on the board * Tell us about the board (ie, thickness, type, solder mask, pads coating, pad size, etc) * Describe the component(s) (ie, type, termination finish, etc) * Take us through the process steps that proceed the problem, including the reflow profile and its control * Help us with the solder and the flux being used * When assessing the soldering profile, where and how is the temperature being measured?

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