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Anyone with Shindenshi (Qualectron) AOI machine?

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Anyone with Shindenshi (Qualectron) AOI machine? | 9 February, 2006

I will probably be having a conference call with Qualectron about the Shindenshi AOI machine. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this machine. Especially if the newer one is notably different than the ESV-304.

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Anyone with Shindenshi (Qualectron) AOI machine? | 12 February, 2006

Dear friend, at any cost donot consider ESv-304 m/c. m/c is totally fail to detect solder joints. Software part is aloso not strong.From which country you are & who is supporting to you.

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Tony Bush


Anyone with Shindenshi (Qualectron) AOI machine? | 10 October, 2006

505 already replace 304. It is very good machine.

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Frank R.


Anyone with Shindenshi (Qualectron) AOI machine? | 11 October, 2006

I work with this ESV-304 inline machine. We had a lot of problem with software (library) but now we know enough bugs to be able to create new parts without problem. Last week I went to a company that use a Yestech and for sure it's nothing compare to ESV-304. So if I have to buy another AOI machine, I will go for something else with more than only one camera.

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Anyone with Shindenshi (Qualectron) AOI machine? | 13 October, 2006

When I started using our ESV-304 the CAD converter would crash if there was a part already in the library with an alias.

With the two cameras we can only put parts from one camera in the library. And our current library would be totally useless with the 505.

Don't think you can do more with two cameras. It depends on the cameras and system. Mirtec can do more with one camera than our ESV-304 can with two cameras. With the ESV-304 you can only have one window per part. With at least the Mirtec you can have the machine look at lots of aspects of a part.

And I was told that Shindenshi fixes all their bugs.

Does any other AOI machine use the library when creating a program instead of when it is running the board?

Even if the 505 is a good machine, if you phoned for support would you be told "our other customers don't complain"? or "two other people at your facility have already had training"?

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