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SMT Feeder verification

Stuart Scholz


SMT Feeder verification | 10 March, 2000

Anyone using or know of a company with a program to verify SMT feeder set-up?

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D Scott


Re: SMT Feeder verification | 10 March, 2000


Quad Systems had something like that a few years ago with "Smart Feeders". I do not know how reliable it is or was, but it might be a starting point.

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Re: SMT Feeder verification | 10 March, 2000

Stuart, Pathway Sales Group 408) 779-0358 Hal Hendrickson

Also SurPass Technologies Limited Declan Kennedy 353 91 773274

Hope this helps

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Re: SMT Feeder verification | 13 March, 2000

If an operator loaded a wrong value of component with the same packaging, say 0805, on a feeder slot. how will the program verify this situation? or an operator interchanged 2 0805 capacitors with different values from feeder slot #5 and feeder slot #6...How will this program verify this wrong feeder set-up? Presently, we do the verification manually. after loading the feeders we verify them with our feeder lists...

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Re: SMT Feeder verification | 20 March, 2000

Cim system is what we used on cp6 d axis tables.It worked very well.I liked it and it was for pre run and during run feeder feeding.Uses a barcode reader and reads bottom of d axis where barcode are to match what is assigned to a slot by pre scanning locations and it will cycle stop fuji if conflict occurs.

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