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Cleaning PCB assemblies

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Cleaning PCB assemblies | 27 February, 2006

We are going to start conformal coating PCB assemblies, and I was wondering about cleaning the boards before coating them. Do I need to clean them and if so, with what? We currently us a no clean solder. I am worried about contamination on the board under the conformal coat. I welcome all and any help.

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Cleaning PCB assemblies | 27 February, 2006

Options are: * Find a low residue flux and conformal coating material that are compatable, so that cleaning is not required. * Use a cleanable low residue flux, clean according to the supplier's recommendations, and then coat boards.

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Cleaning PCB assemblies | 28 February, 2006

some coatings are more forgiving to surface contaminations than others. best way to go about is select some coatings with the properties you need and then trial the boards to see any coating defects (like dewetting, pinholes, flaking etc)

wiping with lint free alochol wipes for the boards that cannot be cleaned also goes a long way to promote adherence of the coating to the board.

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