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Raw PCB incoming Inspection

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Raw PCB incoming Inspection | 28 February, 2006

We been having problem with raw PCB quality. Is there a procedure to inspect incoming material? What should we look for?

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Raw PCB incoming Inspection | 28 February, 2006

Here you go ...

PCB FR-4 Inspection Manual

1 Introduction

This defines the minimum acceptability requirements. It is not intended for use as a performance specification for the Company or procurement. It is based on the requirements of Acceptability of Printed Boards, IPC-A-600. IPC-A-600 is a standard developed by the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits [IPC].

As an element of the Company�s quality policy, we inspect printed circuit boards as this document requires. This is to eliminate misunderstandings between the Company and its suppliers, facilitating interchangeability, and improvement of products.

Characteristics are divided into two general groups:

Characteristic||Section of this manual||Features or imperfections that � Externally Observable||2||Can be seen and evaluated on or from the exterior surface of the board. In such cases, such as voids or blisters, the actual condition is an internal phenomenon and is detectable from the exterior. Internally Observable||3||Require microsectioning in order to assess acceptability requirements.

2 EXTERNALLY OBSERVABLE CHARACTERISTICS 2.1 Board Edges 2.2 Base Material Surface 2.3 Base Material Subsurface 2.4 Solderability Protection 2.5 Holes � Plated � Through - General 2.6 Holes Unsupported 2.7 Printed Contacts 2.8 Marking 2.9 Solder Resist (Solder Mask) 2.10 Dimensional Characteristics 3 INTERNALLY OBSERVABLE CHARACTERISTICS 3.1 Dielectric Material 3.2 Conductive Patterns - General 3.3 Plated-Through-Holes - General 3.4 Plated-Through-Holes - Drilled 3.5 Plated-Through-Holes - Punched

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