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Solvent Cleaning

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Solvent Cleaning | 2 March, 2006

We need to clean the RMA flux residue on the PCBAs. The PCBA material is ALuminum base(Gold finish)stacked with Rogers Material PCB.Any solvent recommnedtaions? Is HCFC 141b a good solvent (quality & Price). we need to use vapor degreaser and also do manual localise cleaning of the boards.What could be the cause of dull solder joint if we do localise solvent clenaing? Any thing wrong in the solvent? Regards,

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Solvent Cleaning | 3 March, 2006

The most effective cleaning of high solids RMA has been with a good saponifier (5-7%) [eg, Kyzen Aquanox, Lonox formulations, Envirosense Envirogold, etc ] in deionized water, 150F, with 2-3 DI water rinses.

Dull solder connections when you do spot solvent cleaning could be caused by either: * Excessive solvent concentration * Too long solvent application time

Consider using a prepared solvent mixture specificly formulated for spot cleaning.

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Solvent Cleaning | 3 March, 2006

Look at Zestron too,

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