eSMART Factory Conference




Wed, March 04 - Thu, March 05, 2020


Comet Group Lab One, San Jose, California


The eSMART Factory conference will be held on March 4th and 5th at the Comet Group Lab One, 3055 Orchard Drive, Suite 150, San Jose, CA 95134, USA. This unmissable annual event brings together the key people and disruptive technologies shaping the electronics manufacturing industry.

“Disruptive” technologies are those that change the paradigm of manufacturing in a significant way, well beyond incremental “Kaizen” activities. Whether these are Smart Factory, IIoT, software or hardware, materials, process or core business requirement changes, there is associated opportunity and risk, that needs to be quantified, qualified and understood in order to be a part of any manufacturing-based business plan.

Embracing disruptive technologies promises to deliver differentiating capabilities in terms of operational enhancement and cost reduction. As with all new things however, there are inherent risks associated with early adoption, not only at a technical level, but in terms of how best the operation can be optimized based on the new capabilities.

In order to assess the right entry point, the eSMART Factory conference focusses on, and addresses, the full range of disruptive technologies in modern manufacturing, including supply chain systems, factory logistics, IIoT machine communication and associated Smart software, robotics and materials science. This is the ideal opportunity to experience and understand new disruptive technologies, hearing directly from the creators and leaders, so that your own business plans can be made with full insight of industry technology roadmap as a whole.

This unique event enables your business, management and technical experts to interact with the presenters, to ask your difficult questions that help you fine-tune strategies going forward, essential for those wanting to establish and maintain a comfortable step ahead of competitors in the industry.


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